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NOTEBOOK Review: You can save time and don't have to reinstall Windows with Reimage Repair

Notebook staff reviewer, Charles P. Jefferies, used Reimage to take a full scan of his PC and clean his Windows 8 Operating System errors. On December 19, 2012 he reported the results. Jeffries undertook the mission of researching whether Reimage is worth the price of its license key. Jefferies pointed out that the PC scan is free but that the user pays for fixes - either $69.95 for unlimited fixes over a one-year period for one PC or a one-time fixes for $39.95.

Jefferies noted that Reimage is the only software claiming to undertake a "full in-place install of Windows by replacing any files that are different from base system" and that "this is no small undertaking".

Thanks to Reimage, he was able to see which potential problems his PC had before buying a license key. Notebook tested Reimage on an ASUS S400C Windows 8 Ultrabook with a 14-inch touchscreen, Intel Core i5 dual-core processor, 500GB hard drive, and 4GB RAM.

Reimage discovered a few PC problems after its scan and no security threats. The software found 48 registry errors and issues with three programs and rated "Windows Damage Severity" on the ultrabook as "Medium."

The next stage was to fix the recommended problems - Reimage downloaded fresh files to replace the damaged ones. After restarting the PC, he found the updated Windows version. Reimage repairs missing and damaged files with clean replacement Windows files. While indicating that he could potentially resinstall Windows, this would update the files but takes lots of time. Reinstalling Windows can be done for free, but you would need to know how to do this by yourself or know someone who would be willing to do it for free. Jeffries concluded that if your PC has errors relating to Windows, Reimage could be a time-saving Windows errors repair solution.

Read the review at here.


Reimage Unveils PC Repair Solution for Windows™ 8 and Intel-Based Tablets

Reimage announced that its PC Repair Solution is now compatible with Microsoft Windows™ 8, including Intel-based tablets. Reimage also supports Windows™ XP, Vista, and Windows™ 7.


"Our R&D facilities have tested PCs that have the Windows™ 8 version installed as their operating system. We believe that we are first in market in the repair tool industry to prepare technicians and end users against damage that may be caused by virus or malware attacks now that Windows 8 has been released " said Yossi Peretz, Chief Technology Officer at Reimage. As Windows 8 is also the operating system for many Intel-based tablets, Reimage is also able to offer a high quality OS repair for the "Wintel" (the term coined for PCs or tablets containing Intel x86 processors running alongside Microsoft Windows) market. In this way, Reimage provides PC technicians with patent-technology that better prepares them to assess and recommend repair of Windows Operating System errors, less common in previous Operating Systems."


Unlike antivirus software, Reimage not only removes the damage done by virus attacks, it also repairs and replaces broken or corrupted Windows system files that are frequently and easily targeted by malware with fresh, clean parts from its large repository of Windows system files from its servers. These repositories store more than 48 million updated and certified files, including files from the latest publicly available version of Windows 8, for use on desktops, laptops and tablets.

Watch Reimage fix Windows 8


Fox Channel 8: Reimage Unique and Absolutely Perfect

Fox 8 News

TV's Fox 8 Technology specialist, Jerry Seregni, shows no hesitation when he sets Reimage above and apart from all other repair software currently available. As he explains, a PC never works better than after a "clean install". That is, wiping the hard drive clean of any files (after backing up your personal data on a separate device), reinstalling Windows operating system from scratch, reinstalling all of your applications, and then transferring your personal data back to your PC. Needless to say, this might be a great solution to the problems a machine may accumulate over the years, but it is terribly time consuming and tedious.

Seregni is not the first to applaud Reimage for being able to execute a "clean install", without the need to reinstall user data, or risk any personal files. Ultimately this saves, countless hours for users who are already frustrated with problems on their PC. The potential and promise of Reimage is probably why Seregni, who usually reviews freeware, took the time to review this product.

Reimage offers a complete system scan for free. It then gives the user an evaluation of the current state of everything on the system, from the Windows OS, down to the nuts and bolts of the RAM memory, even the average speed and temperature. If there is anything wrong with your PC, Reimage will recommend that you use the PC Repair software to fix those problems. The limitations are that it will not repair 3rd party software. However, he maintains that it does fix Windows problems and "restores peak performance".

Having also tested Reimage on a pristine machine, Seregni assures viewers that this software is "absolutely perfect" because it will not notify you of fictitious "problems" on your system. Furthermore, as Reimage is not freeware, it makes a point of notifying the user what problems, of those it detected, it can resolve.

Watch Reimage video review on Fox 8

Read the article at Fox channel 8 here.


PC World calls Reimage "A Fantastic Repair Utility"

PC World

PC World, the global giant of computer magazines, recently published a rave review of Reimage, calling it "a miracle software" that actually "delivers on its promise".

The monthly magazine reviewed Reimage in its popular online blog "Download This", where online software and utilities are tested and rated on their performance (and credibility). With so many software utilities and solutions available online, it's easy to see the need for accurate credible reviews, especially when coming from a magazine with a highly respected reputation. PC World offers professional advice to PC users on various aspects of software, hardware, the Internet, and other personal-technology products and services.

Reimage repairs and replaces the broken and corrupted Windows system files that are frequently and easily targeted by malware. Reimage has an updated arsenal of over 25 million pristine, certified Windows system files on its servers, ready to replace any file, in any version of Windows, still supported by Microsoft.

PC World tested Reimage on a machine with a faulty Windows 7 OS. The powerful repair tool only took 45 minutes to scan, assess and repair all of the problems. The reviewer, veteran tech-journalist Lee Mathews, makes a point of being pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of Reimage when it listed all of the system and stability problems on the PC, problems that he was well aware of before putting his machine to the test (such as crashes that occurred when using Novell Netware client, Teamviewer, and Google Chrome). Moreover, Mathews states that three days later he "had yet to experience a single crash" and his system was "running beautifully".

That said, the article reports that Reimage was tested further by scanning multiple computers (running a wide variety of software), several times, without any problems whatsoever, concluding that "Reimage is a fantastic repair utility that can fix some of the ugliest Windows problems out there".

Read the article at here.


The Daily reports Reimage turns heads at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011

Daily News

Ashton Kutcher wasn't the only thing to impress the crowds at this year's TechCrunch Disrupt, Reimage enjoyed a lot of attention and interest at the international conference, where it was recently singled out by "The Daily", the latest up-and-coming online news magazine.

The conference, organized by the popular tech-blog "TechCrunch", is an opportunity for startups from around the world to showcase their ideas in front of an all-star panel consisting of the biggest innovators and investors influencing the tech world, such as Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Out of some 30 new startups attending the conference held in New York, Reimage was singled out for its potential, along with a handful of others, by The Daily. This popular iPad app news magazine, tapped the PC repair tool for its potential as a valid solution to "the seemingly endless problems that pop up in the everyday use of Windows".

Shemer Katz, the CEO of Reimage, who also attended the conference, explains that what makes Reimage so unique is that it not only finds damaged system files, Reimage repairs and replaces the broken and corrupted Windows system files, frequently targeted by malware. Reimage's arsenal consists of some 25 million updated, certified Windows system files on its servers in order to replace any file, in any version of Windows, still supported by Microsoft.

Read the article at The Daily here.


Reimage Sponsors TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in New York, May 23-25

TechCrunch Disrupt

Reimage is one of the sponsors of TechCrunch Disrupt, taking place in New York City, May 23-25, 2011. TechCrunch is one of the most important conferences for software startups. The upcoming show features speakers from the high tech world who will discuss the Internet "disruption" in industries ranging from media, social commerce, payments to transportation.

At the booth, Reimage will demonstrate their product using its patented PC Repair technology. Visitors to the Reimage booth will receive a free, one-time-license repair key and can speak to senior representatives of Reimage, including the Vice President of R&D and CEO.


New Pricing Plan Available for Technicians

Techinician Plan

Reimage now offers technicians a special pricing plan that includes unlimited repairs per month. This special plan allows technicians the flexibility to use the repair technology as many times as they need for a monthly fee. The automated technology will work with numerous computers at the same time, increasing the productivity and revenue of the technician.

This plan is offered with a recurring monthly service fee with no obligation, no risk, and no minimum time requirements. Registration for this plan is available online, and with a few clicks, technicians can immediately start using the Reimage automated technology. The cost-effective pricing structure will pay for itself after six repairs.

Registered technicians will be directed to a special login page where they can log in and out from any computer on a non-branded login page, download the program to an external flash drive or memory stick, change passwords, and use dedicated tech support.

The Tech Plan is available to all computer technicians and computer service repair businesses.


Reimage is Listed Among 125 Top Leading Companies by Lead411


Each day the Lead 411 research team scours through at least 600 press releases and business articles. Their "Hot List" awards have been created to recognize fast growing companies. Reimage is listed among companies such as, foursquare, The Huffington Post, tumblr, vimeo and others. View the Reimage company profile page on Lead411.

Lead411 says:

Reimage's commitment to becoming the market leader in web-based diagnosis and repair tools for IT professionals and home users. Ever since they were first developed, PCs have had a higher complexity-to-cost ratio than anything consumers are likely to encounter. Over time, a multi-billion dollar global computer repair and support market has evolved around the almost 1 billion PCs in use worldwide.

Reimage is a Certified McAfee Secure Site


Bearing the McAfee SECURE™ seal since October 2010, joins an exclusive group of thousands of Websites committed online user privacy, safety and trust.
This trustmark ensures users that our website is tested daily for hacker vulnerabilities using high-end technology and experience. The SECURE™ seal will only appear after the website has passed the intensive, daily security scan. A world leader in online security, McAfee uses an army of computers to search and scan for all possible types of threats; testing our website for spyware, spam and scams, possible personal information access, links to dangerous sites, phishing, and other online dangers, so that you can search, surf and shop more safely.
McAfee also offers users SiteAdvisor. This free and easy to use technology can be downloaded from their website, and installed in your browser. The SiteAdvisor software adds small site rating icons to your search results, in addition to a browser button and an optional search box. Combined, these alerts will warn the user of any potential threats and risky websites, while offering you safer sites as alternatives. SiteAdvisor doesn't collect any personally identifiable information.

Click here to find out more about Reimage & McAfee SECURE™

Click here to find out more about Reimage & McAfee SiteAdvisor


Reimage Implements nanoRep For Easy Customer Support


nanoRep, simply put, is "support made easy". Reimage has implemented nanoRep's support service to give our customers answers to their urgent questions quickly and easily. Customers can search for answers by using nanoRep's natural language search titled "Ask Us a Question" and are provided with instant answers even while typing.
We're thrilled with this service as it complements the other sections on our Support page and cuts down on our Support load, so that our Customer Support team can have more time to give a superior and personal, one-on-one service to each and every customer.


New Crash Details Help Customers Identify Problems

Reimage Screenshot

The latest release of the Reimage Repair,, focuses on giving our customers more information on their PC's stability level. When customers scan their computers, the stability level is measured collectively by what applications have crashed and how frequently. Now, customers can view details on each application, including the name, last crash date and time. Also, new parameters have been added to let customers know if this stability issue is repairable.

Repairable: Reimage has all of the necessary components (files and registry keys) in its spare parts server in order to fix it.

Repairable in most cases: In most cases, fixing the Windows components around this application will also fix the application itself.

Not repairable: Reimage is not able to repair the application. Reimage simply does not have these spare parts in the repository.

"By adding this information for our customers, we are helping them pinpoint some of the most difficult areas of the computer to understand," states Amit Daliot, "with so many variations of Windows configurations, this information will help each customer understand if his/her problem should be fixed."
New customers and current customers will receive this latest version by simply running the free scan.
Read more about what causes stability problems here.


Reimage Is Now License Based For "Super Added Value" To Our Customers


How Reimage Works Now

Thanks to technological advances in the product, Reimage can now offer our customers a license repair key that is good for one year on one computer. Up to now, customers purchased one repair at a time for each computer. With our ear to our customers, we listened to your needs, and with R&D muscle and QA testing, we upgraded the product to a one year license key. Now, with the license key, customers have the freedom to use Reimage as many times as necessary on their computer.

Essentially this means that you can use Reimage as many times as you want, for an entire year. This was requested by our customers who were not satisfied with the one key = one fix limitation - and we agreed! That's the super added value we can now give our customers.

The license key will remain on your computer ready for you to use, and when launched will automatically update with the latest product version available. This license is ideal for customers who need to repair their PC frequently due to constant downloading, installing/uninstalling programs, and browsing and playing on the Internet.

What It Means To New Users

New users will experience the super added value of the license key by getting more for less with a one-time fee.

Customers Who Purchased Within the Last 30 Days

Reimage is making the annual license available to those customers who have purchased a repair key within 30 days from the 5th of August 2010.


Reimage Uses Coverity to Help Ensure Customers Receive 100% Satisfaction in each Version Release


Reimage has renewed its contract with Coverity to use Coverity, Static Analysis to analyze the robustness of the Reimage code. Coverity Static Analysis leverages the most sophisticated analysis techniques to help find and eliminate hard-to-spot, yet potentially crash-causing defects in software code at the earliest phase of the development lifecycle. Coverity helps our development team to efficiently identify and remediate defects early in the development process.

Coverity is the trusted standard for companies that have a zero-tolerance policy for software failures. Reimage delivers numerous updated product versions to our customers, giving customers the most up-to-date pc repair available. Before each version release, our QA team fully assesses the version's quality. Coverity Static Analysis discovers software defects in development before they are released to customers.

Mr. Eyal Brill, VP of R&D explains "Product quality is a main factor in our business plan, and with Coverity, we can ensure a quality product delivered to our customers. Coverity helps us reduce risks to customers, ensuring their satisfaction. After all, we are fixing their PC, a cherished treasure of each customer."

Reimage has been using Coverity since 2008, and renewed the contract in February 2010 based on winning factors compared to other vendors.

About Coverity

Coverity, the software integrity leader, is the trusted standard for companies that have a zero-tolerance policy for software failures. Coverity's award-winning portfolio of software integrity products discovers software defects in development before they can impact the business. More than 900 customers rely on Coverity to help them deliver high-integrity software. Coverity is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco.


Customers Repair Process Smoother with New Exclusive Feature - Seamless Switch to Safe-Mode

Reimage Screenshot

Reimage has now developed and released new feature that automatically launches the customer's computer into the Safe Mode function in order to complete a repair that is unable to continue in Normal Mode. Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer's Operating System, and is intended to allow repairs to be made within an operating system. This new feature has been specifically developed to easily handle the switch from Normal Mode to Safe Mode by a simple click of a button, allowing the repair process to continue automatically.

Previously, if an error would interrupt the repair process in Normal Mode, the customer would be asked to continue the process in Safe Mode. The customer would then have to manually reboot the computer, and activate the Safe Mode themselves by holding down the F8 button during the reboot process. This was a complicated and awkward procedure for our customers. Customers requested that this be done automatically and that they are able to choose to continue in this mode or not.

In order to help our customers continue the process automatically, a new feature needed to be developed. This feature includes a pop-up window that automatically appears when an error will not let the repair continue in Normal Mode. Customers will see the pop up window, and then easily choose to continue the repair in Safe Mode. This allows the customer to complete the entire repair process by switching quickly and easily into Safe Mode.

Currently this is the only software in the market that allows this kind of work mode manipulation - no other software out there allows a user to automatically and easily switch from Normal operation to safe-mode operation.

For more information about repairs in Safe Mode, see our FAQs section on our web site.


Reimage Releases Strongest Product Version Yet - Version

Today, Reimage released their strongest product version to date since the beginning of the company in 2007, version This version will create a stronger platform to continually improve upon all future versions. This new platform concentrates on three main areas for increased product performance:

  • Replacement Files - more replacement files ready to replace corrupted and missing files
  • Viruses and Malware - latest malicious threats database updated; improved virus detection and elimination
  • Repair Engine - the strongest Reimage engine yet, dives deep to fix the entire Windows operating system.

After months of sampling many different configurations of Windows Operating Systems in order to improve the most important, key features, version is released. In the Reimage Repair process, replacement files are downloaded to the customer's computer in order to replace missing, deleted and corrupt files. In this new version, the number of replacement files has doubled, making the repair process more complete, no matter which Windows file may have been altered and compromised.

The Virus and Malware detection and elimination process was also improved. A new contract with Avira AntiVir product software allowed us to continue offering the maximum detection properties available online. Reimage chose to work with the Avira solution as it is an established software that offers a higher virus detection ratio. Other improvements include a faster run time, and less bandwidth usage from the server.

Once errors and PC problems are diagnosed and deleted, then it is time for the Reimage repair tool to release its magic and replace deleted files with fresh, clean, healthy files. By diving deep into the Windows OS, the repair tool will repair and replace only damaged files, refresh native OS drivers, and clean damage leftover from viruses and malware. Customers will benefit from the strongest engine yet by reducing computer downtime, and eliminating the need to reinstall the Windows OS. Users who already have a previous version installed on their computer need not download the newest version.


New Scan Report now available to customers online Customers can now review, save, print valuable PC statistics

Reimage Report Screenshot

Reimage has now made the customer scan report (click to see an online example) available to customers online. This is the most comprehensive summary of the customers scan report, and allows users to instantly make decisions on how to fix their computer. The scan report is a summary of PC problems based on the most important PC parameters: hardware, stability and security. Each parameter is broken down into simple details in order to give the customer the information they need to choose the most effective fix for their computer. This report was previously only available at the end of the actual scan. Once the scan was closed, the information was gone. By making the report available online, our customers can review the information, save the link, and even print the graphs and charts.
In order to receive your personal scan summary - just click on the "start download" button on the home page and scan your computer. Don't forget to leave us your email on the sign up page so that we can send you your personal report.


Avira Anti-Virus Software Fully Integrates with Reimage


Avira is a full technology partner of Reimage with the final contract signing on April 1, 2010. Reimage chose Avira AntiVir solution after many months of testing the right technology for our online repair tool. The AntiVir solution is integrated within the Reimage solution and provides the detection and removal of all viruses and malware. Reimage chose to work with the Avira solution as it is mature software that offers a higher virus detection ratio. After many tests, we decided to go with Avira as it had a faster running time using less bandwidth from the servers. This means our customers get a faster, more complete diagnosis of the viruses and malware on their computer. Once the virus or malware is diagnosed and deleted, then it is time for the Reimage repair tool to release its magic and replace deleted files with fresh, clean, healthy files.
Reimage is confident with its use of Avira, and we are certain that all viruses and malware will be detected in a fast and efficient manner. This makes the Reimage repair tool an even greater value to our customers with a faster, more complete fix for all PC problems.
The Avira AntiVir is available in Reimage version and above. To get the newest version, just run the Reimage scan again, and the latest software version will be automatically started on your computer.


New Version of PC Repair Reduces Free Scan time by
40%-60% for Faster Online Results and Quicker Decision Making

Reimage has now released of the next product version, 1343 which gives customers a quicker scan time by 40-60% faster. Customer can then make decisions on how to repair the computer problems.
The new version,, focuses on the customer experience during the free scan process. During the free scan process, the Reimage technology checks Windows folders and the registry files for any irregularities. Customer feedback suggested that this process was lengthy, and decisions could be made about the health of the computer once groundwork damage was found. Experts in our R&D team analyzed the free scan process, and reduced the scan time by 40%-60%, without effecting the quality or valuable information for the customer.
Once the free scan is finished, customers can quickly determine what fixes they want to make on their computer according to PC Stability, PC Security, and PC Hardware. The Reimage repair process works by repairing all the damaged, missing and corrupted files that were found in the scan process. The repair process also included the downloading of new files which will replace and patch the entire operating system, thus returning the computer to a "new" state again.

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