I am so impressed with your system that I would like to increase my previous order to include copies for my wife and son.
-Donald L Rogers
Your software is the best thing I have seen in 18 years of computer work! I will pass the word on how good it works. Everything works exceptionally well now that your software fixed a lot of problems.
-Judith M Ladner
The remote session went well. It was discovered that the CA antivirus program was preventing your program from running. Your technician was knowledgable and fast and very helpful.
-William White
You guys have a great program. Your advice worked. I have restored 2 operating system with one fixed no other program was able to do.
-Martin Berliner
A great idea. that could revolutionize the computer repair industry. I thought they'd never be able to build it... but look and behold: they did!
-Chip Reaves,CEO
Very satisfied. Good value for the money. First program I found that would actually repair the damage caused by a virus. Thanks.
Reimage has changed our business. We have no complete operating system reinstalled anymore! Running Reimage fixed every problem we come across every time!
-Richard Rotter
Very satisfied. I like that the program explains every step, we know what it's doing and why. WOW!
After spending 10+ hours on this. I figured out it was a hidden network problem. I ran Reimage remotely(!) and fixed it!! My customer is very happy! Thank you !!!
Terrific job! My second repair... I'm impressed! I will be a longstanding user of your service. Thanks a million.
Just signed up for a trial and was a bit skeptical... New products are always coming out... Reimage will do for the IT professional what the iPod did for the music listener.
-Erik Dreyer Goldman
Repaired keyboard start up issue and touch interface issue. Brilliant. Would have cost me twice as much to get someone to do it.
I never write this kind of letter to suppliers,but I have been so overjoyed at how your software fixed some problems that I have been trying to get rid of for months that I felt I had to thank you. I am not sure how I stumbled upon it but when I read what it could do I immediately bought a download and watched it do its thing, Wow! my computer thinks its new! I consider myself a geek, so I realize the work that must have gone into this. Keep up the good work guys and if you want to use this letter in your advertising, no problem!
-Wesley R. Fortman Aurora, Illinois
I am thankful that I can go to reimage whenever I start getting blue screens and violation messages and have the problem rectified. I use Revo uninstall to remove programs that I do not need and at times it remove more than is necessary. I want to make sure that there is nothing left of a particular application in both the software, registry entries and residual files so I perform the highest level of their cleanup process This may mean that I am removing legitimate files or entries but I have found in the past that these residuals are also troublesome. I also use Uniblue for registry updates removal of temporary files and driver updates. If the product does remove entries inadvertently, I have a tool that rectifies the problem. I am evaluation CNET Techtracker and Computer updater to see which one will genuinely apply the correct update. Sometimes they could not install correctly. Your product addresses these problems. Now I would love to stop Microsoft leaving unnecessary residual files that cause error message!! But I believe Microsoft is a work in progress from the amount of fixes constantly being applied. Thanks again.
-Alex Grant,
Evaluation CNET Techtracker and Computer updater

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